Join The Backpack Program

If your organization is interested in starting a Backpack Program, review the four steps that are required before joining our Backpack feeding program:

Backpack programs need committed group of volunteers who are willing to serve the program for a minimum of one full school year, as well as the necessary resources:

  • Transportation to the Food Bank, and to the school where the food will be handed out.
  • A place to prepare the “backpacks” into individual bags of food for the children.
  • A funding source to pay for costs such as, transportation, bagging materials, and Service Maintenance Fee.
  • The ability to coordinate the “backpack” deliveries with a selected school.
  • Continued coordination with the selected school in order to arrange future deliveries.

A Backpack program must partner with a school that is receptive to the program on behalf of the students, and a school that is willing to:

  • Identify students who will be participating in the program.
  • Attain signed release forms from the parents or guardians of the students who are participating in the program.
  • Provide the number of students who are participating in the program in order to distribute the correct number of “backpacks”.
  • Have continued collaboration with the volunteer group in order to coordinate deliveries.

A Backpack program must have receptive students willing to participate in the program, and must:

  • Have a parent or guardian sign a release form in order to be accepted as a participant.
  • Return the empty “backpack” (if applicable) for the following distribution.
  • Be in actual need of the provided food.

A Backpack program must have resources sufficient to meet the demands of the program, such as:

  • Funding resources for the program.
  • Nutritional food item in sufficient quantities.

If you feel like starting a Backpack Program is the appropriate hunger solution action for your organization follow the final steps below:

  • 1) Complete the New Agency Packet by downloading here or calling 478-742-3958 then selecting option 3 to have the packet sent to the prospective pantry.
  • 2) Provide a Letter of Participation from the principal of the partner school on formal letterhead.
  • 3) Submit application along with the $25 application fee, 501(c)3 form, and Letter of Participation by mailing it to 4490 Ocmulgee E. Blvd Macon, GA 31208 or bringing the documents directly to the Food Bank’s office.
  • 4) Schedule a site visit by calling our Agency Relations Coordinator, Wendy, at 478-257-6437. View our Site Visit Guidelines before the visit takes place in order to prepare appropriately.
  • 5) Undergo new agency training, which is performed at the site visit by the Agency Relations Coordinator. New partners are expected to read through the New Agency Training Powerpoint , then print and answer the questions on the discussion slide of the powerpoint before the training takes place.

Service Maintenance Fee

The Service Maintenance Fee is designed to offset the cost of shipping, moving, and storage of food at the Food Bank. MGCFB pays 26 cents per pound for the shipping and handling of the large volume of food we are responsible for. Our partner pantries are asked to pay only 18 cents per pound of food they collect for their specific pantry. The 18 cents per pound that a partner pantry pays is only used to balance out the costs that MGCFB is responsible for paying.

Should you be worried about the legality of food donations?

The state of Georgia and the federal government protect donors from liability through “Good Samaritan” legislation. In 1987, the Georgia Legislature passed an amendment to the Good Samaritan Food Laws, and in 1996, President Clinton signed the Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. Both laws protect good faith donations of food unless injury is caused intentionally by the donor.